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    as mentioned above, I would look into the t's & c's of the templates. Might be worth contacting the site directly and seeing what they say about it, they might require a link back to them stating where you got the templates from.
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    portfolio re-design

    No I host the site with heartinternet. I'll be uploading another design possibly as working on adding something to the bottom to break up all the text.
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    portfolio re-design

    Thankyou for the feedback. I will try and add something to the bottom of the page when I know what :) lol
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    portfolio re-design

    Dear All, I have just re-designed my portfolio design and would like feedback on the design along with thoughts as to how it can be made better or whether my current design is better: Current site: Thanks
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    Question about web design

    I wouldn't advise doing it through photoshop as it gives you code that you don't really want/need and its all table based. Also every slice you do becomes an image! If you want to get into web design then you should learn to code xhtml/css by hand not through photoshops built in slicing tool!
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    Question about web design

    As Anna mentions above you should be able to learn xhtml/css from them websites to go on and build the psd file into a webpage.
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    Question about web design

    Yes, from the psd file you should now be able to slice into valid xhtml/css. The tutorial only shows you how to design the template not build it.
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    I Welcome Myself To The Community!

    Hey mate, Just thought you would want to know that when on your portfolio site if you choose portfolio in your nav bar the links are still linking through to dynamic drive.
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    HTML Links without underline

    Glad I could help.
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    Very Simple Html lesson

    If you are learning html/xhtml you might want to look at learning css as well.
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    HTML Links without underline

    if it is just that link you can give the a href a class or use an inline style: text-decoration: none;
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    Where do you go for your holidays?

    I have literally just got back from Jamaica, but in previous years I have been Mexico, Egypt and Spain mainly for the sun :D
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    Some World Cup fans here?

    I am an England fan, and as mentioned we are now out! Overall though I think it was always going to happen, as soon as England played a decent side in Germany we got what we deserved a good beating, throughout the group stages we didn't look convincing but managed to get through. The squad as...
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    CSS issues with IE

    Could you please supply a url for this as it will be easier for myself as well as others to test the page and try and help fix the problem.
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    cablemotion - Thank you for your comments. I am always looking to improve within my skill set and my portfolio, all comments made will be taken on from all users. The portfolio page will get a re-wording shortly as I want to make it sound more professional. With the contact page I think I put...
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    leroy30 - I have done all the graphics and xhtml/css myself. I always do a design within photoshop first and then convert to valid xhtml/css using notepad. I plan to stay around, I haven't had much input lately due to being on holiday for just under 3 weeks. Hopefully I can get involved now I...
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    cricket india

    what does your post have to do with cricket though...?
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    I need your input on my latest logo!!

    Very nice logo designs, I still think the original is my favourite though. All are great designs, good work mate.
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    Anna - Thank you for the feedback regarding my site, I will def look into making the top nav text bigger so that it is more easily findable as such.
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    this forum seems dead to me as no replies.........