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    Web shop: shop cart

    I don't have any to suggest since I'm also a newbie. And I don't know much about shop cart. I'm also looking for some answers or guide on how to do it.
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    Hey guys, looking for programming friends to work on coool stuff and to be friends!

    Looking for programming friends I know some people who loves programming very much. I'll refer you to them. They might be interested as well.
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    This new research channel / site

    New research channel or site I haven't tried this before and yet it is really fun. I enjoy it.
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    Beginners - Unite!

    Your cool. I like it. I love your ideas. It's me first time too but it looks hilarious. I'm still tutoring myself to a friend of mine. Getting more ideas. Actually I'm not really into this before but I found it interesting because of the price.
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    Internet Explorer Vs Firefox

    IE or Firefox I would choose firefox more than IE. But I love most the Chrome.
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    Shopping Carts ... for a newbie

    Shopping carts for a newbie I like paypal too. I don't have any idea about oscommerce but I'll try so I could compare which is best. so far, I do paypal only.
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    Which one is to learn

    I suggest javascript and css. for my own opinion only.
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    How to get ie6 onto your new computer...

    How to get ie6 onto your new computer I love your idea to let other users with lower version for them to able view your website. But I think it wasn't necessary at all. they should try to upgrade their system so they can view your website.
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    Suddenly getting over 90 hits a day from the same person - Why?

    Yes. That would be a spam. You should block that IP.
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    Anyone here have a 4G HTC Inspire?

    4G HTC Inspire I do know someone but I'm not sure if it's the same. All I know, she has a 4G. I'll keep you posted if I contacted her. You're asking for the default answer call, right? I'll her about that. I just don't know when. She's hard to contact because she's out of the country right now...
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    Working Out

    I'm not really conscious with my food. i eat if i love them to it. but I love working out. I do gyms every week and play sports every week ends.
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    WDF found down many times

    I agree with orangecopper. Sometimes the site is down. I tried that also. maybe it needs to be check by the admin.
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    SAW 3D - good or bad?

    I haven't seen Saw 3D yet, but I love watching them. Maybe soon. It's still coming up from ours.
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    I'm Happy with XP and CS3, is there really any need to upgrade?

    I agree with them. which ever you love most, stick with it. but you can try to explore other things too so you won't be behind and enhance more your knowledge regarding with it. I do have CS5 in my other system but I do love most working with CS2. It's up to you.
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    Share your favorite breakfast food today

    Favorite breakfast food today I just have rice and egg for today...
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    How did you get started in the business?

    Starting a business I'm planning to start a business sooner or later. I'm here to look for some ideas to do for my future business. Thanks to your ideas. it's a big help for me how to start it.
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    Is coffee healthy or not?

    It's healthy to drink coffee but once a day is enough. drinking much glass a day would be bad for you. it makes you addicted to it. we know it has caffeine in it.
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    New to this and will probably ask lots of stupid questions

    Layout Problems It's my first encounter with the dreamweaver and I'm seeking for tutorials or what. Your advices make sense to me. This would be a help. Thanks for your post.
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    The Vacation Thread

    Vacation Thread For this year 2011, I'm going to Macau. It would be my first time to be out of our Country. 3months from now month of May 2011. I'm very excited.
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    Official Introduction Thread

    Greetings Hello there. This forum is great. lots of things to learn from this forum... I'm gonna enjoy this.