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    Review my sites plz :)

    i'm not a big fan of either sites.. the content there is non existant
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    Review Our Website

    i like it. very nice corporate design. fast load time. in terms of seo onsite you are doing everything right.. pagerank 4 is nice, keep it up!!
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    Do you use Google Toolbar?

    there are some great add ons these days, especially for firefox and chrome. no need for the google toolbar.. all i have is the google search box. all other add ons are pretty cool seo related add ons
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    Good free email service?

    For me its Gmail too, first i just used for my private email address, but now i also use gmail for my business email. just google contacts they could make better
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    Some World Cup fans here?

    hi guys, i was wondering if there are some soccer fans in this forum? My 3 favorites for this world cup: 1. Brazil 2. Argentina 3. Japan :)
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    Where do you go for your holidays?

    this year i will travel to South Africa first because of the World Cup and to see the wonderful landscape there... if i have time left i will try to travel a little bit around in Africa
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    Where to buy a domain name?

    Really sorry to hear about the bad experience with goDaddy, i use goDaddy now for more than 5 years and i am really satisfied with the service. After goDaddy i would also recommend
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    Free Images Sites?

    you also could check out, you just need to register
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    The Adobe / Apple Debate

    no flash on the iphone and ipad, because if there was, then apple would sell far less apps. many users would then play those games in the browser in flash. simple as that.
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    Create YouTube Videos

    someone know how i can rotate the movie and safe??? i need to upload them on youtube thanks