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    Internet Explorer Vs Firefox

    Firefox, hands down! But these days, I'm using Chrome more than Firefox. It's much faster in terms of loading time.
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    Advice on boosting pagerank of insurance blogs

    Hey guys I recently created two insurance-related blogs (see my signature below). I just need your advice on how I can increase its pagerank. What linkbuilding methods will work? Any tips? Thanks.
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    Shopping Carts ... for a newbie

    I personally like Paypal. Adding the cart buttons in PayPal is very easy. It's good enough to let your customers buy and pay for multiple items.
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    Introducing myself

    Hey George, welcome to the forums. Hope you have a good time here. Cheers!!!
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    Which one is to learn

    Use your hands too. Haha!
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    The Vacation Thread

    I recently had a vacation in Bali. What a fantastic place. The beaches are amazing.
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    Form Submit to E-Mail?

    Here's a basic PHP script that you can use:
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    Free UK Web Design Directory (Get A totally free listing)

    Too bad, it's just for UK web designers. I'm from the States.
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    Which Web Design Cert. Program is good for me?

    If I were you, I would take the latter. The second option is good enough to learn all the basics of web design. 1 year is way too long. You just need a few months to be educated. Practice and experience are what you need to be good at web designing.
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    eCommerce shopping cart and PCI

    If you use the payment method (like Paypal), you don't have to worry about those things. Paypal is pretty straight forward and very easy to add to a site.
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    Hello mate, welcome to Web Design Forum! Cheers. ;)
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    hello :-)

    Hey welcome to the forums! This is a good place to learn more tips and tricks in web design. Glad to have you here.
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    Is Alexa Site Audit Worth It?

    I've never tried it. Not a big fan of paid tools. Analytics is good enough for me. :)
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    Digital camera?

    Olympus is a good camera brand. But I would prefer better brands like Nikon and Canon. They are more superior than Olympus. :)
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    How can i get rid of the underline on links?

    Follow this guide: To remove the underline from links you need to use a stylesheet. It would be a very good idea to get to grips with CSS before continuing with this guide.
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    Favorite Music

    I'm currently obsessed with Imogen Heap. Her latest album is fantastic. She's a genius. :)
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    Internet Explorer Vs Firefox

    Internet Explorer is slower. Firefox is so much better, in terms of loading time. So I use it all the time.
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    Embedded Mp3 Players

    Not an expert in html codes, so I just use boomp3. There you get flash-based player and unlimited space for mp3 files.
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    Question about Paypal

    So is it a monetary issue on your part? You need a credit card to load your Paypal.
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    All I Want for Christmas is a Job

    Very nice vid. It touched my heart. :)