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  1. Phreaddee

    Any suggestions on this landing page

    A menu between 768px and 990px would be a good start.
  2. Phreaddee

    Need help with grid sizing

    I would argue the case for using min-height instead of height as then if it DOES blow out it stays within its box.
  3. Phreaddee

    My website is very slow

    Remove the slider from the page completely. optimise images to a smaller file size. stop relying on JS to do all the heavy lifting
  4. Phreaddee

    How to get traffic from United States?

    I agree with Chris, the content here is a debacle. If you want any work from native english speakers, you'll need a native english speaking copywriter, this is far and away the most important thing you could do. Also, Comic Sans? please! you're just shooting yourself in the foot using that.
  5. Phreaddee

    How is website homepage.

    To be fair, my 8 year old understands sentence structure. Also glad to see you're on board Chris. Spam doesn't stand a chance now :)
  6. Phreaddee

    Report Spam Thread

    Ay! theres only so much one can do! I'm trying though...
  7. Phreaddee

    Oh ooh, think I'll close my account now, ...

    :( it'll likely crash 1000% more often...
  8. Phreaddee

    Report Spam Thread

    So. Much. Spam. Today's lot is gone (for now)...
  9. Phreaddee

    Please review my site

    the site isn't bad. covers most bases quite well. however <html lang="en"> - yet it's in greek, so you might want to modify that. I've noticed in the past you've offered both en and gr versions of your sites, is this something you intend to implement down the line or no? Having done sites in...
  10. Phreaddee

    5 Web Design Tips for a Professional Site

    oh well. least he's not trying to sell wrinkle cream.
  11. Phreaddee

    General Chat

    Sorry Chris, I don't check here everyday. Can't speak for other mods, but almost all I do on here these days is remove spam.
  12. Phreaddee

    Business Directory Listings

    Site Experience Optimisation! That makes heaps more sense... and it's about getting users to your site and staying on your site, and enjoying your site and buying from your site or interacting with your site. It does have very very little to do with search engines at all. :P
  13. Phreaddee

    Weird ie11 issue

    <meta content="IE=Edge" http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" />
  14. Phreaddee

    Weird ie11 issue

    Each to their own on the what and why of where the redirect goes and the ethics behind it. the question was merely one of a technical nature, and I was just wondering why ie11 would behave like that.
  15. Phreaddee

    Weird ie11 issue

    Hey Guys, I have a strange issue and I would like to see if anyone else is having or experienced. I've built a site for a client, with a simple responsive layout. However, save for ie8 and below looking like a dogs breakfast we've set up a simple redirect to an upgrade page. <!--[if lte...
  16. Phreaddee

    Looking for a review

    <center> and <tables> for layout? I feel like I've stepped back in time!
  17. Phreaddee

    Accordion in Open State

    no probs. glad you got it resolved :)
  18. Phreaddee

    Accordion in Open State

    I don't quite understand why the padding-right on the h1 is so large. does your final work? do you still need help? I got bored on the weekend so put this little guy together. now again I haven't used hover I've used click. I don't event want to get...
  19. Phreaddee

    Accordion in Open State

    yeah, I must say I barely ever even make it to h6, so I'm at a loss as to why a design would ever NEED any more than that?
  20. Phreaddee

    Accordion in Open State your css needs revision.